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Readers Recommend Writers

Laura Barton - Laura Barton is a feature writer for the Guardian and the first substitute writer when originating writer Dorian Lynskey took a short vacation in 2006. Her only Readers Recommend column was on Work. You can find her other Guardian features here.

Maddy Costa - Maddy took over Readers Recommend from founding writer Dorian Lynskey on April 18, 2008 with songs about anxiety. A young mother of two, Maddy is a busy woman juggling family, career and her favorite pastime - dancing.  She is a member of the Actionettes dance troupe which performs around London. The members of the troupe have nicknames ending in "ette" and Maddy goes by Corvette. She contributes to the blog as misscorvette. You can see a list of her recent Guardian articles here.

Jon Dennis - Jon Dennis has been a Guardian scribe since 1999 and presenter of the Guardian's daily news podcast since 2007. And of course, he has been the Readers Recommend guru since it moved from being a print feature to being an online feature in January 2011. His first topic, appropriately enough, was Modernity. You can find Jon's Guardian articles here. And check here for his Podcasts. Before joining the Guardian, Jon played in the Indie band Blab Happy in the late 80s and early 90s.

Rob Fitzpatrick - Rob Fitzpatrick took over the Readers Recommend column on Feb. 13, 2009 when Maddy went on maternity leave. He's Contributing Editor at The Word magazine and writes for The Guardian and The Sunday Times. Rob is also the co-author of Gods of Rock. Be sure to click on the preview tab for some generous excerpts of this fascinating collection of music trivia. You can find Rob's Guardian articles here.

Sophie Heawood - Sophie Heawood is a contributing writer to the Guardian and filled in for Dorian Lynskey on two occasions in 2006 for the topics of Inspired by Film and Fashion.  You can find her other Guardian articles here.

Holmes, Matthew - Matthew has been the host and moderator of Readers Recommend since Feb. 11, 2016. Matthew is a community and social editor at the Guardian and you can find his work here.

Peter Kimpton - Peter Kimpton is a multi-faceted writer for the Guardian covering such diverse topics as travel, cycling, film, books and music. He is also experienced at advertising and brand copywriting. Peter took over hosting Readers Recommend in January 2014 and continued through to December 2015 when the Guardian decided to discontinue the feature. In February 2016, Peter launched his own independent version of Readers Recommend called the Song Bar even as the Guardian, responding to reader requests, continued with RR, albeit in a slightly altered version. You'll find Peter's Guardian articles here.

Paul Lester - Paul Lester is a contributing writer for the Guardian for many years, most notably for his New Band of the Day feature. He has been a Readers Recommend guest columnist on two occasions, for Please and Thank You Songs on 2008 and for Old Age in 2010.  You can find his other Guardian writings here.

Dorian Lynskey - Dorian was the founder of the Readers Recommend series which launched on Sept. 16, 2005. At the time, he declared his intention was not to make playlists of the most popular or best songs recommended but, rather, "to create a diverse and engaging listening session".  As he put it,  "the song at number one isn't necessarily the best song on the list: just the best choice of opening track. The idea is to introduce everyone to some more obscure pieces of music, reaffirm some old favourites and satisfy my own capricious whims, all at the same time."

"I take into account how many times a song is nominated, but I don't just choose the most popular recommendations. Nor do I select songs I already know: each week I seek out some of the more intriguing recommendations and include some that I've never heard before."

In early 2008 a collection of his columns was published as The Guardian Book of Playlists.

Dorian continues to write for The Guardian and you can see his recent articles here.

Paul MacInnes - Paul took over the column on May 29, 2009.  He is the entertainment editor of guardian.co.uk. He was the public face of Operation Clark County, invented the Fiver and hosts the Music Weekly podcast. He is both a lapsed ginger and a lapsed Catholic. You can find his Guardian articles here.

Dave Simpson - Dave Simpson is a music critic for the Guardian and has filled in for vacationing and otherwise occupied Readers Recommend gurus on a number of occasions. He made his debut as an RR writer with Sweet Foods on May 7, 2008 and also contributed  Noise and Brands the same year. After a three year absence, he returned as a guest RR columnist with Wine in 2011. You can find all his Guardian articles here.


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