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Readers Recommend Trivia

  1. When was the first Readers Recommend column published?

  2. What was the topic?

  3. Who was the very first person to contribute to a Readers Recommend blog?

  4. There was a mistake made in the list of songs named after women. What was that mistake?

  5. Although there is an A-Z list and the writers declare they will not use the same song twice, a number of songs were each used twice for two different topics. What were the songs and what were the topics?

  6. The rule about the same song not being used twice applies to covers as well. So two different versions of the same song will not be playlisted.

    1. However, this did happen jnadvertently once because the cover had a different title and a different tempo, which made it sound like a different song rather than a cover. What were the two songs and what playlists were they in?

    2. It happened a second time because of the topic and the writer said he would consider covers. What were the songs and topics on that occasion?

    3. And it happened a third time, again, perhaps not inadvertently as the songs were A Listed within a few months of each other. What were they?

  7. How many artists have made the Readers Recommend playlist five times or more? And who are they?

  8. It's not uncommon to see two song recommendations by the same person make a playlist but what is the most songs recommended by one person that has made a playlist? There is a tie in this category as there are two people who have achieved this. Who are they and what were the topics?

  9. What was the first RR column Maddy Costa wrote? (She was subbing for Dorian Lynskey at the time.)

  10. Although the idea of a B List didn't really get going until 2007, Dorian issued two B Lists in 2006. What topics were they for?

  11. The two B Lists in 2006 weren't the only alternative lists that year. Dorian published three "Favorites" lists - that is lists of the songs that were the most popular with RR bloggers. What topics were those lists for?

  12. A song that has made the B List may someday make the A List for a different topic but a song that has already made the A List is usually dismissed for consideration for future lists as "already zedded". However, on a number of occasions, an A Listed song curiously made the B List. What were the songs and what were the A and subsequent B Lists they made?

  13. There are a lot of regular contributors to the RR blog and some have had their recommendations A Listed many times. Who are the top ten recommenders?

  14. What is the longest song title ever to make the A List?

  15. How many pieces of classical music have made the A List?

  16. What is the most number of different songs with the same title to ever make an A List?

  17. There have been many related topics and topics that have overlapped, but has the same topic ever been used more than once?


More will follow .


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