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Welcome to the Readers Recommend Community!

“The complete absence of cooler-than-thou bragging and slagging of other people’s tastes is one of the main reasons I love RR and The ‘Spill. Nevertheless, let’s not pretend that everyone likes everything everyone else likes. Christ, some of you don’t even like The Beatles.” - RR regular Barbryn

Readers Recommend has appeared on The Guardian website since 2005, originally with a top ten published in Friday’s printed newspaper. Since January 2011, it has been a website only feature. The premise is simple - explain what music you love and want others to love too by recommending songs fitting a weekly theme.

Over this time, it has been kept going by both its regular contributors and people new to its delights. Compiling songs to fit a topic isn’t exactly original to anyone who likes music in their life, so it’s not a difficult game to join in, and today’s interested observer becomes tomorrow’s loyal regular.

It works best when recommenders bring diverse tastes and new readers keep things fresh. There are no rules other than ‘The Weeks Theme’ and The Guardian’s community standards, though it helps if, to paraphrase The Super Furry Animals, you can “tolerate the music that you hate”. It’s a game for celebrating what appeals to you and expressing that passion – not a game for venting dislike of other people’s taste.

Elsewhere on this site there are practical hints and tips, and some explanations of some quaint and obscure practices that seem to have grown up over the years. These are extremely optional and included as reference only.

Join in and get Recommending. Below are some links to useful information for RR newcomers. Thanks to RR Regular SpottedRichard for putting these pages together with the help of DaddyPig, SaneShane and other RR regulars.



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