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RR Contributors are welcome to suggest topics for Jon's consideration. This is a shared blog. Rather than assign a unique user name and password to each user, there is a generic user name and a generic password. The password will change every 3 months and will be mentioned in the Guardian Readers Recommend blog. If spammers manage to figure out how to post on this blog, the password will be changed immediately.

The blog has been designed so that you can easily go through all the posts simply by scrolling down. But if you want to see a list of the previous posts by title, simply use the slider bard at the bottom to slide the blog over so you can see the hidden part on the right. Click on Log In to enter a post. Remember that the post has a generic user name, so at the end of your post, enter a separate line reading "Suggested by your RR name". I've posted an example for Great Bass Lines.  Do not use this blog for general comments. Keep that on The Spill please!



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