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Readers Recommend Glossary

Readers Recommend has some terminology that may be strange to newbies. So here is a short glossary of terms used by bloggers.

  • A-Z List / n the official list of all songs that have made the A List in Readers Recommend. Please note it is the A to Zed List, not the A to Zee List. Readers Recommend, after all, is British, not American, thank you very much! Find it here at RR

  • Abergavenny / n - a song that you mention as being on-topic, but don't like enough to recommend, only to discover to your horror that it's sitting pretty in the following week's playlist. See Songs Named After Towns. (thanks to Mark68 for the definition - the term was originally coined by DaddyPig)

  • asafarae (sometimes spelled  aesafarae) - pronounced ass fairy / n a phrase coined by Lambretinha (created by typing random letters into the computer) to describe a song that an RRer nominates over and over again, because they like it so much and it seems to them to fit perfectly for so many subjects. (thanks to steenbeck for the definition)

  • buke / byook / v  - to express disapproval, criticize, reprimand. A shortened form of the verb "rebuke" which came about from an exchange in the blog on Songs About the Future. An exchange between ToffeeBoy and Gremlinfc led to a rebuke. This led Tincanman to say that "you have to be buked before you can be rebuked". Gremlinfc then became the first RRer to officially "buke" someone. (Thanks to ToffeeBoy for researching this and suggesting its inclusion.)

  • Collabo /kəlab'o/ n the Spotify Playlist for the current topic which readers can join and contribute to.

  • dond /dond/ v second as in "I second that nomination" - ORIGIN - a corruption of the word second that occurred when a Readers Recommend blogger misspelled the word "second" as "sedond" See a short history here on the Spill

  • DropBox n an online file sharing and file backup resource. A communal DropBox for Readers Recommend was set up by tincanman. Contact him to find out how to join.

  • Marconium n the website you are on right now, formally known as Readers Recommend: The Complete Index. - ORIGIN - Chris7572 suggested calling it the Marconium and amazingly, it stuck! Named after yours truly, Marconius7.

  • Spill n properly known as The Spill, formerly the Overspill Blog, The Spill is a blog created and maintained by BlimpyMcFlah to which Readers Recommend afficianados can contribute. It was created to accommodate conversations about music and the RR community that goes beyond thee RR mandate of suggesting songs for the Readers Recommend playlists.

  • Spotify / n a Swedish online music service similar to iTunes but which lets you create playlists which you can play on your computer.  The playlists are streamed, so you cannot copy a song to your iPod or other device unless you purchase the song. Check out more on Wikipedia or visit the Spotify website. Note that the service is not available in all countries. If not available where you live, you can use a workaround explained on  this page. (Thanks to tincanman for that!)

  • TOFF n Ten O'Clock Feeding Frenzy - each new topic blog is posted and opened for comments at 10 PM London time. Everyone tries to get their suggestions in quickly before they are beat out by other players. This mad scramble to be first with a song nomination is called the Ten O'Clock Feeding Frenzy.

  • zedded / past participle of zed v on the A-Z List. Please note that a song on the A-Z List is zedded, not zeed. RR as noted earlier, is British, not American.









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