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The original Readers Recommend column was launched by Dorian Lynskey on  Sept. 9, 2005 when he posted a topic - Change - and asked readers to come up with songs on that topic. The following week the first column was published in the print edition of The Guardian as well as on the Guardian website. Lynskey helmed the feature until 2008 and it was then managed by several different writers over the years. At the beginning of 2014, volunteer writers from the RR community have written the column. So I thought it might be worth indexing the columns by guru.

On this page you'll find a table listing the original gurus paid by the Guardian to write the columns, when they wrote them, as well as the total of number of the columns written by each. In the left hand menu are links to each of the volunteer gurus which lists all the columns they have hosted.

Guru First Column Last Column # of Columns
Dorian Lynskey Sept. 16, 2005 Apr. 11, 2008 124
Maddy Costa Apr. 18, 20081 Feb. 6, 2009 43
Rob Fitzpatrick2 Feb. 13, 2009 Dec. 24, 2010 33
Paul MacInnes2 May 29, 2009 Nov. 19, 2010 63
Jon Dennis3 Jan. 14, 2011 Aug. 16, 2012 77
Laura Barton4 Jan. 6, 2006 Jan. 6, 2006 1
Sophie Heawood May 26, 2006 June 2, 2006 2
Dave Simpson May 7, 2008 June 7, 2012 5
Paul Lester Aug. 8, 2008 Aug. 25, 2011 3
Michael Hann Apr. 12, 2012 Apr. 12, 2012 1
Peter Kimpton5 Nov. 7, 2013 Jan. 19, 2014 6
Marta Bausells Nov. 14, 2013 Jan. 16, 2014 4


  1. The date is of Maddy Costa's first regular column. She had done four previous columns subbing for Dorian while he took a break. The total number of columns includes her stints as a substitute columnist. She had two guest columns in 2006 and two in 2007.

  2. Throughout 2009 and 2010 Rob Fitzpatrick and Paul MacInnes alternated writing the column.

  3. When Jon Dennis took over in January of 2014, the column was discontinued in the print edition of the Guardian and became an online only feature.

  4. Laura Barton, Sophie Heawood, Dave Simpson, Paul Lester and Michael Hann all were substitute columnists and were never regular columnists.

  5. When Jon Dennis left, the column was taken over by volunteer gurus from the community except for a short interregnum from Nov. 7, 2013 to Jan. 19, 2014 when staffers Peter Kimpton and Marta Bausells alternated writing the column.

Volunteers from the community took over writing the columns on Aug. 23, 2012 and except for a short two month period when Peter and Marta wrote the columns, have been doing so ever since. You'll find each listed alphabetically on the left. Click each name for a listing of the topics they have written on.                                                              


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